New AgKNX Hydraulic Fluid Reservoirs - Versatile and Tough

Posted by John Hatch on

The AgKNX line of hydraulic fluid reservoirs are the perfect basis for any DIY project.  Whether it's a log splitter, a bucket loader, or a piece of industrial machinery, Every hydraulic system needs a durable, tough reservoir.  With 7 gallon, 15 gallon and 25 gallon sizes, the lineup has the versatility and high-end features to meet the demands of virtually any project. 

The reservoirs come standard with:

- Built-in sight gauge and temperature gauge so you can monitor level and thermal performance

- 1/4 turn 40 micron breather cap, equipped with removable strainer

- Versatile mounting brackets

- Heavy-duty steel construction

- Magnetic drain plug

- Internally baffled to better serve mobile or high flow applications.

- Factory leak-tested and certified

- 6 month warranty

- Versatile inlet/outlet ports, multiple per tank to better suit themselves to your custom project

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