101 Uses and Counting - AgKNX Hydraulic Double-Acting Power Units

Posted by John Hatch on

Hydraulic systems are incredibly efficient and powerful - packing a huge punch in a small package.  They are also incredibly versatile, easily connecting via common hoses and connections to 1000's of different components.  Many implements and machinery rely on hydraulics to function, and many equipment owners and farmers have custom needs that they are pretty handy at figuring out with a little ingenuity and the right building blocks.

That's why our 12-volt double-acting power unit is such a great item to stock in a farm store or to have around your property. It's compact, affordable and extremely versatile. When paired with other hydraulic components, such as the wide variety of tie-rod cylinders, valving, motors and pumps we produce, customers have found all sorts of uses for this unit!

While typically used for dump and tilt trailers, our customers have found countless uses for the double-acting power unit.  Here are just a few stories:

- One man used one to power custom edging attachments for his mower, so he could edge and mow at the same time.  

- A high school teacher from Eastern Colorado used one as part of a robotics project to educate children.

- An Ontario entrepreneur uses our power units as part of a telescoping truck rack that allows boats and lumber to be loaded onto a tilted surface, then the rack hydraulically tilts up and stabilizes on top of a truck with the push of a button.  

What innovative projects could you think up?

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