AgKNX Model 650 Tractor-Mounted Post Hole Diggers - A Big Hit!

Posted by John Hatch on

The AgKNX line of tractor-mounted post-hole diggers has been a popular product for us ever since launching them last year.  

Mounting up to any Cat 1 or Cat 2 tractor, these hard-working, affordable implements fit the tractors most people have at home or on the farm (and for those who need bigger, the Model 1000 and Model 1500 are around!).  

These diggers come equipped from your local farm store with everything you need to get digging, with an assortment of 6", 9", and 12" diameter augers to choose from.  

So whether you're running a fence line, planting trees or setting posts for any number of things, these AgKNX diggers are a versatile implement that every tractor owner should have.

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