AgKNX Car/Auto Shop Lift Electro Hydraulic Power Unit, 115V/220V, 60hz, 1 ph, 2750 PSI

Tool-Tuff Auto Hoist Power Unit (115v or 220v)

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This power unit is designed to be used on Automobile lifts. It has a power-up and gravity-down function. The lowering movement is controlled by a manual release valve, an optional needle valve can be installed to control the decent speed. This unit can also be used on forklifts and scissor lift. Fits units manufactured by GES, Rotary and many, many others!


- Voltage: 115v or 220v (can be wired for 220v, but comes with 115v plug, ready to go)

- Motor: 1.5hp

- Ports: SAE6

- Relief Preassue: 2750psi

- Mounting: Universal,  compatible with most lifts.

- Tank Size: 6 Liters (1-3/4 gal)

- Motor Speed: 2880/3450rpm (115v / 220v)

- Pump Displacement: 1.2cc/rev

- Lifting capacity depends on lift cylinder size. For example if your lift had two 3" cylinders this unit could lift approximately 38000lb.

- Motor Duty Cycle: S3

- Power unit is designed to be operated vertically.

-Shipped with detailed owners manual.

-1 Year Warranty