Log Splitter Hydraulic Pump - 11 GPM

Brand NEW 11GPM Log slitter pump / 2 stage gear pump

Model GP-CBN-110

This is same pump used by SpeeCo, Champion, Huskee, Oregon, MTD and many others. Use as a replacement or a "build it yourself splitter"

The 2-stage pump can give you faster cycle times and higher possible pressure with a small engine.  Excellent for use on log splitters, 85% efficient.

Recommended 5-6hp engine


  • New Hydraulic Log Splitter Pump 11 GPM @ 3600RPM.
  • Part # CBNA-8.8/2.1
  • Shaft: ½” (key included)
  • Inlet: 1” (we do not carry ¾”)
  • Outlet: ½” NPT
  • Dimensions: 5.5”L  x  3”H  x  4”W
  • Minimum HP: 5,
  • RPM Requirement: 3600 for 11 GPM, pump can be operated with lower RPM's
  • For use with open center hydraulic systems only
  • 1st Stage: 9 GPM@650 PSI
  • 2nd Stage: 2 GPM@2500 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Bolt Circle: 2.83in.
  • 4 Bolt Holes Spaced 2in. on Center
  • Bolt Hole Diameter: .344in.
  • Rotation: Clockwise
  • We are not responsible and will not warranty customer cross threading  hydraulic fittings or stripping out threads into this pump, if you are not familiar with tightening or installing pipe threads into aluminum then you will need to have someone familiar with doing so.

We ship to Alaska and Hawaii