Hand-Held Post Hole Digger Engine/Head, 63 cc 3 hp Two-Man Operation

AgKnx 63cc, 3 hp Gas-Powered Post Hole Digger Head, Includes Fuel Mixing Bottle and Tool Kit (2-Man Operation)

  • This is a 63cc, 3hp post hole digger. This digger has a lot of power and 2 person use is recommended. We have used and tested these units and they are very solid and high quality. Produced in the EXACT SAME FACTORY as many major, well known and trusted brands of 2-stroke yard equipment sporting similar colors...
  • Great for digging holes for fence posts, decks, planting trees, cutting ice holes, etc!
  • Compatible with all augers / drills designed to fit a 3/4" mounting shaft with a 3/8" attachment/shear pin
  • No Augers / Drills Included in This Auction! Check out our Auger Head / Auger Combos if you need augers with the machine!


  • 2-stroke, air-cooled, 3 horsepower
  • 63cc Displacement
  • Maximum Auger RPM: 183
  • Fuel Mixing Ratio: 40:1 Fuel to 2-Stroke Oil
  • Fuel Primer Bulb for Quick, Controlled starting
  • EPA Approved
  • Easy/Quick Start Magneto Ignition w/ Pull Cord
  • 2800 RPM Idle Speed
  • Centrifugal Clutch Actuation (Engine RPM) 3950
  • 1.45L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • 40:1 Double-Reduction Gear Box