Hand-Held Post Hole Digger Engine/Head, 52 cc 2.3 hp Single-Man Operation

AgKnx 52cc Gas-Powered Post Hole Digger (Head Only), Includes Tool Kit and Fuel-Mixing Bottle (One-Man Operation) (No Augers Included!)


  • 52cc, 2-stroke air-cooled motor - EPA Certified
  • 33 ft-lbs output torque
  • 2.3 horsepower
  • Lightweight & easy to start, this digger is ideal for installing fence posts, planting trees, building decks and can be used for ice fishing
  • 2-stroke oil / gasoline mixing ratio:1:25
  • Capable of digging a hole up to 3 ft deep (No bits included in this auction - Head only! (engine/gearbox/handles only) Check out our other listings for Digger Head/Auger Combos!)
  • 34:1 gearbox ratio
  • Fuel primer bulb for fast and controlled starting
  • Pull-cord hand-operated starting
  • Metal handles protect the engine from damage when in storage or at rest on the job-site
  • Quiet operation