AgKNX HP21 Hydraulic Earth Auger/Hole Digger for Skid Steer Tractors

The AgKNX HP21 Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

This industrial duty skid-steer post hole digger fits any standard (45") skid-steer plate and requires between 12 GPM and 21 GPM hydraulic oil flow from the skid steer's pumping system. 

Choose an auger to go with the digger if you want!  If you want more, contact us and we can work out the shipping to get you the best deal.


- Five different mounting locations, (center, full R/L, half R/L)

- Runs off of 12-21 GPM flow rate

- Mounts to standard 45" Skid Steer Plate

- Swivel mounted to drill straight up and down, even on side-slopes

- Grease-able pivot

- Heavy Duty 8mm welded steel construction (plate)

- Cradle for stabilizing hydraulic powerhead during transiting between jobsites

- High-Friction / slip resistant compound on top of frame (for stepping on when exiting/entering) the skid-steer

- Compatible with all augers used with 2" hex drive systems, including our own lineup

- Includes Quick-Connect Fittings, hoses, everything needed to connect to the skid-steer

- 1 year warranty on manufacturer defects (does not include normal wear/tear/damage)