Hydraulic Log Splitter Valve, 25 gpm, 3500 psi, Neutral Centering (A0 Config)

Log Splitter Valve, neutral automatic centering, "A" style

This valve is designed for primarily for 2 way splitters. When handle is let go it returns to neutral. There is NO DETENT / NO AUTO-RETURN with this valve.  Push the valve forward, it goes forward until you let your hand off of it.  Push the valve in the reverse ion, it goes in reverse until you let your hand off of it.  We have two versions of this, the other being the "C0" valve. The only difference is that the in (supply) and the out (return) ports are reversed. You can see from the pictures. If you need an AUTO RETURN or DETENT valve, look at our A7/Regular Log Splitter Valve.  


Single spool, Open center.

  • Max pressure rating: 4000psi.
  • Relief valve set at 3000psi but is adjustable between 1000 psi and 4000 psi
  • Working ports ½”NPT.
  • In/Out ports ¾” NPT